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The Rent Shop's Local Advantage: Tailored Property Management Across 12 Locations

February 20, 2024

From your apartment in Auckland City to your duplex in Dunedin to your villa in Hobsonville, The Rent Shop offers tailored property management from our 12 locations. When we manage your property, we consider its unique needs. Who better to understand those needs than a company based in your area, with staff who are familiar with local people and places? The Rent Shop boasts an extensive network of 12 locations across New Zealand, so you know your property is in safe, local hands.

Local Presence Advantage

The Rent Shop is proud to have 12 handy locations across New Zealand. Our widespread presence means personalised property management services tailored to the specific needs of landlords in each of our locations. We know local connections matter, and our staff are deeply involved in their local communities. Being based in the areas in which we operate means greater knowledge and experience of the local rental market. All of this adds up to a better, more focused property management experience for you.

Tailored Solutions for Each Location

Every region has its unique characteristics and demands. Being based in the regions in which we operate makes The Rent Shop uniquely positioned to offer landlords valuable insights. We know the local culture, the people, and the best place to get a decent flat white! This all helps us to locate the perfect tenant for your property or offer you tips to make your property more appealing to desirable renters.

Local Market Insights

Having multiple locations allows us to have a deep understanding of the New Zealand property market. We love imparting our in-depth understanding of local markets to landlords. Whether it is knowing where the best schools are located or if there are big developments being planned next door, our local knowledge can help landlords make informed decisions and stay ahead of regional trends.

Efficient Communication Channels

The Rent Shop's 12 locations make for a solid regional presence, which benefits everyone. Being local facilitates efficient communication with both landlords and tenants, fostering better relationships and resolving issues promptly. Maintaining a good manager/ tenant relationship is key to keeping quality tenants in place and ensuring stability and peace of mind for landlords.

Proximity for Quick Response

From Hobsonville down to Dunedin, The Rent Shop has local offices with local property managers. This makes us part of our communities and able to respond quickly to property-related emergencies and, better still, make sure small matters don't go ignored and grow into emergencies.

Our people know property; in particular, they know their local market. With 12 locations across New Zealand, talk to The Rent Shop team who know your property best and enjoy the benefits of personalised property management.

Alex Watson
Chief Executive Officer