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Beyond Rent Collection: The Rent Shop's Value-Added Services for Landlords

February 20, 2024

The Rent Shop is proudly your partner in property management. Yes, we take good care of the basics, like collecting the rent, but we want to offer landlords more. We do everything we can to reduce the risk and the stress of renting out your property, so we go beyond the basics of property management and offer a comprehensive suite of services for your peace of mind.

Holistic Property Management Services

Because property management is all we do, we are fully committed to going beyond the basics. As well as ensuring your rent is collected and paid on time, we believe in a holistic approach to taking care of your assets. We conduct regular, thorough property inspections, which is the best way to be certain your property is being respectfully treated and well maintained. Our robust tenant-vetting process puts the right person into your property in the first place. If there is an issue, we have excellent maintenance coordination systems in place so that minor problems do not become huge problems. 

Value-Added Offerings for Landlords

The Rent Shop is committed to delivering exceptional value through a range of landlord-centric services.

We use a wide range of marketing initiatives and platforms to promote your property to reach the right potential tenants. From these applicants, a strict screening process means your property is let to only the best 1% of tenants. To protect your investment, our dedicated credit controllers action rent arrears daily, so a missed or late payment is followed up faster.

Ensuring Tenant Quality

Bad tenants are a landlord's worst nightmare. The Rent Shop want you to sleep easy knowing we adhere to a rigorous tenant screening process. By delving into applicants' rental histories, credit reports, and references, The Rent Shop ensures that landlords are connected with tenants who not only meet financial obligations but also demonstrate a solid track record of responsible tenancy.

Proactive Property Maintenance

The Rent Shop believes in a proactive approach to property maintenance. Why wait for things to go wrong when regular inspections and maintenance can help keep your asset at its best?

Our schedule of regular property inspections thoroughly checks everything is working well, that there is no damage, and your tenants are keeping your property clean and tidy. Any maintenance problems can be taken care of quickly, and any issues with tenants can be dealt with tactfully to avoid any escalation.  

Your Property Management in Holistic Hands

The Rent Shop's holistic property management philosophy encompasses all aspects of property ownership, offering landlords a comprehensive and stress-free experience. We believe that taking good care of all facets of property management means you can continue to benefit from your valuable asset well into the future. Talk to The Rent Shop today about becoming one of our well-cared-for landlords.

Alex Watson
Chief Executive Officer