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12 Things You Need to Do When Selling Your Home

February 20, 2024

Selling your home can feel like an overwhelming challenge. With so many tasks to do, where do you start? While your real estate agent can help direct you on many key points, you can also get started yourself with these 12 tasks that need doing before you sell your home. 

  1. Make the Front of Your House and Garden Look Fantastic

The first impression of a house has a lasting impact. Pay attention to all the small details - potential buyers will notice them as they scrutinise your home. 

  1. Clean Your Windows

A thorough clean of your windows makes a significant difference to the feel of your home. Dirty windows will lead potential buyers to question how well the house has been maintained. 

  1. Drop Your Pets off at a Friend’s Home or Pet Sitters

If you have pets, we recommend getting friends, family or a professional pet sitter to ensure your house is clean, tidy and free of roaming pets that may get in the way – cute as they may be. This is an especially good idea if your potential buyers suffer from allergies. 

  1. Fix All the Damage

Be thorough when doing final checks and repairs to your home. A house that needs work done would signal to the buyer a host of additional unwanted costs in the form of upcoming repair and maintenance bills. 

  1. Get the Temperature Right

You want buyers to feel comfortable and relaxed - not sweating or shivering. If you get the temperature right, nobody will notice, but buyers won’t spend as long admiring your home if you get it wrong. 

  1. Clear Out the Clutter

When you’re selling a home, a minimalist approach will attract the highest price. Store any unnecessary furniture, toys, and keepsakes so that potential buyers could freely walk through a property with uncluttered doorways and hallways. We highly recommend  the Green Box for their terrific portable storage and affordable solutions. 

  1. Hire Furniture

If you’re selling an investment property that is lacking quality furniture, or you have an unusual taste in furniture then consider staging your home. There are many companies that can ‘dress up’ your home with tasteful furniture,  allowing buyers to see your stylishly decorated home. 

  1. Open Your House to Natural Light

Natural light makes homes appear brighter and feel more spacious. Open curtains and doors to let light flow into your home. Furthermore, timing your open home viewings to when the sun is shining will improve the perceptions of your house. 

  1. Relax

Once you take all the above measures to prepare your home, it helps to know you can relax and let your real estate agency look after the property sale and purchase from here on. 

What Else Should You Do?

Find out other ways to help sell your home by contacting your local sales consultant or property manager or calling 09 555 9100. You can also view this week’s open homes

Helen Kay
Chief Operating Officer