Why use The Rent Shop?

Full management

Our management services are generally used on a full management basis. On entrusting your property with our company we assign one of our Property Managers to totally manage it, from tenant selection right through to the final inspection. You have the advantage of personalised service, with further help available from The Rent Shop Managers and Company Principal, should it be required. We do our best to tailor our service to suit your requirements and are happy to accept flexible instructions where we are able to, such as Landlords doing their own repairs.

We are performance paid by only being entitled to fees from payments that we collect from tenants. Our standard collection fee is 8.5% plus GST. We also have a fee structure of 6.5% plus GST for Landlords who have over 15 properties with our company, to acknowledge the cost effectiveness of volume and the efficiency that we achieve through one Landlord contact. Regular inspections are a significant part of our service, charged at $35.00 (incl GST) per inspection.

Rent collection only

This service is for Landlords who like to be actively involved and undertake to directly action all repairs, maintenance and internal inspections themselves. Our services are reduced to rent collection, Mediations and Tenancy Tribunal attendance’s and status reports at the start and finish of each tenancy. Our fees for this service are 7% plus GST.

Our fees

How many hours a week do you spend managing your property?

Have you ever considered the cost of your time?
eg. Weekly rent $240.00 at 3 hours per week your rate is $22.95 divided by 3 hours = $7.65 per hour.

Wouldn't you rather invest this time in your family and lifestyle?

Note: Management Fees are GST included and are fully tax deductible.

Weekly Rent
Management Fee
Landlord Net Rent