March 24, 2020

Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Below are some high priority maintenance issues that MUST be reported:

Sewerage issues – blocked drains and toilets. Please don’t flush, toilet paper towels, baby wipes, face wipes and other items that don’t belong in the toilet. 

If you have a toilet that is fitted with a pump, sporadically maybe two times a day or every second day carry out random clean flushes so that you can push any excessive toilet paper out. If the toilet with the pump is the 2nd toilet you have, try and use the other one more.

Water leaks – priority would be a leaking hot water cylinder, a burst pipe or excessive water leak, these will be attended in a timely manner. In the meantime, find your water meter and turn it off.

No hot water – check your vitals and then report.

a) Make sure no one has switched the hot water switch off

b) Make sure a fuse hasn’t tripped

c) Ring your power company as they may have had applied power restrictions

d) Perhaps you/kids/wife had long baths and showers? Give the water time to heat up. If none of these work, ring your property manager.

No stove – or stove/oven not working. Now that we are isolated at home, kids home, more cooking no doubt your stove elements may break down. Try and alternate your cooking ways. Have a BBQ, bake, use the microwave or slow cook. Look after your appliance, treat with them with caution as we are also at the mercy of stock and suppliers.

Electrical issues – Electrical faults, such as fuse tripping or broken power points and exposed wires, etc. Ring your property manager to go through the troubleshooting problems. Don’t touch anything.

Roof leaks – on a rainy day when you suddenly have a roof leak, even on normal days before the chaos of the COVID-19 no roofer will come out and repair the leak or put a cover on. Report it, talk to the property manager and we can put a plan in place for a day it can be attended.

Gas leaks / faulty gas appliances – please report these immediately to your property manager or landlord.

INFORM: And lastly please inform your property manager if you are reporting maintenance and we are sending our tradespeople in. 

  • If you or your family have any symptoms of COVID-19, high temperatures, coughing breathing     issues.
  • If you or your family has been in close contact with COVID-19
  • If you have just arrived in the country or have a visitor in your home that has just arrived
  • If you are in self-isolation.

Shadi Salehpour

Property Manager - Manukau