March 24, 2020

COVID-19 Update - 24 March

Rent Shop Tenants,
We understand these are unprecedented times for us all and many of you will have numerous concerns as well as questions, especially with the country heading into lock down at 11:59pm Wednesday. I can personally assure you that The Rent Shop will play our role in supporting you as best we can in this difficult time. Your well being is essential to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not worry. Whilst our physical offices aren’t open, our team will be continuing to work remotely, to support you and your family.
We have been preparing for this for some time and we will be able to transition to remote support with all of our Property Managers and support team still working during the nationwide lock down.
 Whilst we must adapt and embrace technology, we still firmly believe in the good old-fashioned phone call, so all our team are available for any questions or concerns you may have. Our team are also familiar with video communication such as Facetime,Skype and Zoom.
Like you, we all have more questions than answers and we are closely following advice from the Ministry of Health, Government guidelines as well as REINZ. When information comes to hand, please rest assured that we will let you know as soon as possible. Here are some things you can do to assist and ease the pressure on all services.
Stay home. Head to the supermarket or chemist if needed, but also try shopping online.
Rental Payments:
- Please continue to pay rent as per your Tenancy Agreement.
- We do understand you may experience financial hardship due to COVID-19, so please contact your property manager in the first instance. Our landlords also have financial commitments as well as mortgages to pay so each case will be dealt with individually and with input of the landlord.
- There are some great support packages out there to help you pay the bills and we recommend you contact WINZ or visit
- We’re here to help find a solution, so please communicate with us. We will be calling you in the near future to see how you are coping and if there is anything we can do.
- Continue to report all repairs and maintenance. This can be done via e-mail to your property manager.
- Please note, that from Thursday 26 March, trades people will only be able to attend to urgent repairs and maintenance that is deemed a health and safety risk.
- Check our other blog posts for great tips on repairs and maintenance and what is deemed urgent
Moving house,received notice, or plan on giving notice?
- Based on the limited information we have, it is our understanding that under a level 4 lockdown, you will be unable to move.
- Moving firms are closed and trucks are unavailable
- If you have questions around your specific circumstance, please call your property manager.
We are seeking further clarity on this and hope to update you soon. We understand that some of you would have made plans but at this stage we ask that you remain at your premises during the lock down period. We all have a part to play and we understand this will be frustrating however the wellbeing of the general population must come first.

- If you have a routine inspection booked in, we’ll be communicating with you.
- Perhaps a fun family activity could be to help us complete the inspection on our behalf.
- We’ll send you our template to complete and send back to us, along with photos of specific areas.
- Need to show us something urgently? We’d be happy to Facetime.
Rent increases:
Rest assured,your rent will not be increasing over this time, so please disregard any notices you may have received.
We’ll keep you updated as more information comes through. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, your family & friends and keep an eye out for your neighbours too.
We’re all in this together, Much love to our people and our country.
Kind Regards,
Alex Watson
The Rent Shop Limited

Alex Watson